Climate Change & other matters for change

AYCC Tasmania  have had their 2015 training camp and are off & racing..... again.. as always! Heading for Paris maybe? Facebook

For all the latest action on climate change campaigning in Launceston, contact Katherine on 0437 521 858.

News is also shown in  Climate Revival's Facebook Group- a public group you can read even if you are not a Facebook user. See



Apply NOW  extended dates- subsidy for solar panels     

on a  Launceston community or business building

In Launceston, a group of young people, passionate about climate change, are        offering $2000 in funds raised at band nights (Pubs & Panels)                         to subsidise solar panel instalations in or near Launceston; they ask that the               recipient be prepared to display info about the project.
Download the detailed outline and EOI  form above.
We also have a sample price quote for an unnamed business For info. on this, Contact
 Please consider being part of  this creative and worthwhile project; the group would welcome your expression of interest.
A project of  AYCC and Climate Revival
Climate Revival Launceston flyer.pdf Climate Revival Launceston flyer.pdf
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One of many actions -People's Climate March - Deloraine 21 September 2014


LOCAL OXFAM GROUPS are involved in the campaign on climate justice for the poor    Contact groups to check dates
Hobart Oxfam Group meets as negotiated

Launceston Oxfam Group meets 6pm on 4th Tues of the month @ Royal Oak depending on other activities

University Oxfam Group for members on all UTAS campuses.


3 things  you can do ...

Other Resources on climate change

See below - an exciting project in Launceston in 2010

<<< view this  clip & come back here in 2015 for more video clips from our part of Streets Alive youth arts festival in Launceston August 2010
Climate .... Change - it's starts with us

Thanks to funding bodies, Tasmanian Community Fund & Launceston City Council

Climate change will affect everyone, but it is affecting poor people in developing countries first and most dramatically, with rising sea levels, desertification, worse storms and food and water shortages.  Often these countries are the least able to cope.

 What should be Australia’s approach as a relatively wealthy country that seeks to be a good global citizen?      

This web site started in Northern Tasmania but has a global view: it's for  people who are concerned about the impact of climate change, particularly on developing countries. The site provides information and updates about activities and campaigns
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